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Egotastic AllStars Celebrities Fappening Site Review

There are so many porn sites like EgoAllStars that deliver fappening news about hot celebs with photo leaks and some video clips, but the way I see Egotastic AllStars, it looks like someone made a really good effort collecting all this fappening news and photos. This site may just fill up your curiosity about some celebrity you follow, with leaks of photos and videos. The celebrity pictures showing their bodies either leave nothing or leave everything to your imagination, and it seems to be just what a fan of this site is looking for. Needless to say, if that celebrity fits in the hotness scale, you can probably find at least one photo of that babe here. Aside from photos, the article, along with those images, is not just describing them but also gives you a back story of what happened on those pictures which kind of gives it a more porn effect. If the photos didn't raise excitement, maybe getting some insight into the story with all the celebrity photos may, and it is completely free. All the best porn sites are!

Although is not like your typical porn site with all the nudes and sex action, sexy photos and videos you could find, you will feel better if they feature babes you are very familiar with, right? Celebrities are a lot more popular than pornstars with more paps and wikis providing info about them, so even though you don't see a celebrity in actual porn scenes, seeing a real nude photo of a sexy celebrity with even just her boobs or ass peeking can send a huge fan's mind to outer space and all the nude pictures, ESPECIALLY celebrity nudes of the real celebrities would drive you crazy!

EgoAllStars News Site Layout

Before I tell you more about the content on, let me share my thoughts about its layout because I'm pretty impressed. Sometimes, the best way to do things is to do them in the simplest, no-brainer way. It definitely works for EgoAllStars. I mean, it really is a Celebrity News site, only that this is for adults, and the easiest way to present the news is just how people are used to reading them online on the website for the most part especially because of all the movies and tv series. All the nip slips, like Elizabeth Olsen style. I mean, famous, FAMOUS people so this is basically a celebrity porn sites. All the celebrity photos on the best porn sites

On the top, the navbar looks like a typical newsletter title with the basic page links that anyone can understand what they're for and those are very useful in a basic way - if you want photos, click on Photos. If you want videos, just go to Videos. Easy. In the Celebs tab, you can find the names of all the celebrities in the site's content listed. There are also blog features on the main page and you can just keep scrolling down to see more blog posts. They're not that boring to look at either since it seems that the best photo of the post's gallery is the image preview which means that no matter how much you scroll, you'll only see high-quality images.

If you're thinking about getting updated with the latest articles and a variety of related things to celebrities, you can access the social media accounts of EgoAllStars via the links on the upper-right side of the homepage. They have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The only thing about the design that's a bit annoying is the banners of ads displayed on the top, on the right, and between posts on every page. The ads are all banners and there are plenty of those that seem very irrelevant to celebrities or fappening news. On the bright side, it's not as bad as other sites that are similar EgoAllStars. Producing content made up of blog posts of info and updates about celebs is tedious work, blog website producers have it hard and would of course need bucks to keep their own website filled with new quality content, and earning bucks is not as easy as finding shit. That's why, honestly, this site has it better compared to other free porn sites. I just can't help but complain about how the ads here ruin the whole look on sex scenes like this free site, like all the other celebrities and pop-ups. Again you get all the other celebrities like in the images and their naughty images. So if you like actresses in different categories, like boobs showing up in movies and tv or singers with their nudes. You can definitely check it out.

Babes Of EgoAllStars

There are models, singers, actresses, and pornstars from porn movies to live cams on EgoAllStars. To think that this adult blog site has a huge number of celebrities on its list is actually a great feat for porn sites. The pics aren't randomly taken from just any post on some social media account of a celebrity, but they seem to be picked with some thought so that all of the features or posts on the EgoAllStars site actually have some substance. Websites, stories, and models do all have a website plus a video may show up as well. Egoallstars really just takes the cake for all the content.

Unlike most fappening porn sites, the review EgoAllStars add on every post with photos and even videos are not that subjective which makes their content more interesting and head raising. I'm not just quite sure though if that actually gives justice to the celebrities on-topic but it does give them a better reputation to porn fans than a sex tape does. I wish they have something like that on this site though. However, despite the fact that there are no sex tapes here, there are some short clips and shots from popular sex tapes and they are all real. There are a lot of nudes in different kinds of media such as videos and GIFs.

There are also a couple of celebrities who are infamous for their wild scenes which are well-known across the internet and you'll probably find lots of photo scandals and even a couple of porn-worthy stuff here from innocent bikini preview videos to a fully-nude masturbating video which really qualifies it as a celebrity porn site.

Let's Review Content

Let's talk more about the articles here. Basically, the content of EgoAllStars has more photos and videos than text despite that it seems to be a blog/review porn site. I mean, has that look, but it turns out that it's more than that. It's more like EgoAllStars is a site where you can search for videos, clips from movies, and celebrity nude photos. There are some sections here though that talk about movies with sexual or hot scenes, review a post of the day, the latest sexy TV shows, and of course, other things celebrities do in their usual lives. Although, these kinds of things are sort of what celebrities can do outside mainstream Hollywood films and TV shows but would like to still publicized. Exactly what websites like are for. You'll see that the wildest kinds of content here are from the usual Egotastic celebrities especially women. Sites like this with their erotic films drive me crazy!

You can also find a few reviews on popular classic films and other not-so-popular movies with sexy or nude scenes. On the Celebs page, you can see the names of all the women on EgoAllStars and it surprised me that there's actually a movie title at the top of that list so it seems that the site visitors or users can also treat that page as a list of categories.

There are some content sections here that just have stories and disclaimers about where users can hopefully find those photos and some links to other sites that might contain those. Others just have a list of links to other porn sites and it's even more disappointing when those come out from your search results, but it just goes to show that there are heck plenty of categories of content here on You'll also notice that some writers have very few celebrities they follow online or are biased. I don't even have to drop the name of that model and you'll know who that is when you review EgoAllStars by yourself.

Final Thoughts

I can say that EgoAllStars is a pretty good site that will help you reach your goal of seeing your favorite celebrity nude.


  • Nice site design
  • Lots of nude babes
  • Easy to search for reviews, pictures, and videos based on a movie title and celebrity


  • Search results are inaccurate
  • Distracting irrelevant ads
  • There are a lot of sites obviously hiding in the text

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