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Established in 2009, Eccie is the first of its kind to offer a Yelp-style site that allows you to leave reviews about which escorts you have been lucky or unlucky enough to have a good time with. The Eccie site could at first glance be likened to a forum site. But its content is actually more just reviews and consumers' opinions, designed to help you streamline your choices based on other member's experiences.

Review Of Eccie Escorts Members Site

The world is a funny old place, and in many ways, you could say that one bad review can destroy a business. On the other hand, it generally means that the service or individual offering it does so at a higher quality as getting good reviews goes a long way to support your business.

So in the same way that Yelp, Trip Advisor, and a whole host of new review sites on the market allow you to see how other people have rated restaurants, cafes, books, music, cars, etc. allows you the same access to reviews about different types of escorts and what they all offer.

For Members 18 Years Old Only

So, for obvious reasons, Eccie is an 18+ years website that offers 6 different membership options ranging from the basic free package all the way to the "elite VIP membership upgrade". I'm going to break these all down for you, but I suggest that if you're only in it for a dabble and play and see where things go kind of ride, just stick to the regular membership, to begin with at least.

I mean look, if you're some high rolling big shot who wants different women every night to escort you to some fancy fucking dinner function or whatever, then, by all means, sign up for that deluxe account with its deluxe membership perks. I just don't know a lot of guys like that.

Eccie Escort Reviews Site

First things first, you will need to sign up and register for an Eccie account. Sounds simple, right? And it is! But, I'm guessing the admin of the site is super careful about privacy, as choosing a simple username is out of the question. Forget using that same old username that you have for the past 10 years so you never get locked out of a site.

I had to set up some crazy-ass complex username. Let me just give you a piece of advice, write that shit down! And hide that shit somewhere if you're married.

Back to setting up an Eccie account. Once you have your username and password sorted it's a fairly simple process. You will receive an email confirmation which you need to click a link on.

Eccie Escorts Offering Quality Services

You have to be registered on the site and be logged in to see certain photo files, or even to have access to other member's reviews. And of course, the more you pay, the more you play - and for a lot of the features that is the case. If you don't have sufficient privileges, you will not have any way to view certain profiles, photos, page content, and categories.

Different Eccie Membership Options Available

After completing the Eccie worldwide rules form and registering, which does take longer than other similar sites, there are 6 account options available to you;

  • Regular membership offering limited Eccie services - free!
  • Premium membership options, as follows;
  • 2-week pass -$25
  • 1 month -$40
  • 3 months -$60
  • 6 months -$80
  • 12 months -$100
  • Elite VIP Member Upgrade - $250

You can also get a free subscription to certain premium pages by completing reviews that are approved and published, I for one, love this idea!

So for each review approved, you get 6 weeks of premium playtime. Nice touch and motivates users to leave quality reviews.

Access To Hot Ladies And Sexy Women

Premium Eccie membership allows you to view all of the "Rest of the story" material, which isn't available to guests or regular, registered users, or the escorts themselves.

You can create private posts that you can share to the public forum and increase the private messaging service of up to 1000 messages.

The elite VIP membership is a one-time-only upgrade and allows you to navigate the whole site - all of the men's lounge private forums, admittance to all of the ROS information within review pages, and private messaging up to 5000 a month!

The Girlfriend Experience Escort Style

I guess the main thing that sets the Eccie review site apart from other escort sites is the type of escort that the site promotes and provides. Obviously, you are connected with the escort scene as you want to get your groove on. But it's not just about sex. The escorts on the Eccie site are total babes by most accounts, and you can have the whole date night thing going on with the knowledge that however the date goes, you get guaranteed sex. Escort "girlfriends" sounds like great fun without the drama. I'm down.

Sex Forums Site

 Eccie actually stands for Escort Client Community Information Exchange and the site basically provides a review and discussion board about escorts and their background, behavior, and other usual stuff like personal grooming, piercings, tits, and hands. Remember to look at those hands. Major giveaway just in case you've ordered the wrong kind of escort. It's like a listing and review site for rental cars, except the cars are actually people.

Most of the women on the site are from the USA and the page does cater almost entirely to finding girls and shemales in the states. Although I did find a few profiles from some hot European babes, one from Paris in particular who I would love to take up the Champs-Élysées.

There have been over 15 million posts on the Eccie escort forums site since its beginning over two decades ago.

Eccie Website Layout

The site itself is a little dry, it looks a bit like a late 80s accountancy firm has designed the site. It has the feel of trying to look like something totally professional and straight-laced, when in fact, it's anything but that.

External Escort Pages

Along the top of the main page you will find three main sections; Find girls, Shemales, and Hot search...sound good? They're all links that take you straight to external sites where you can search for escorts in your local area, again mainly America. Review Site

A bit confusing, but hey? Let's have a look at the header bar underneath. Ok, we've got a 'Registration' button, a 'Report Trafficking' button, sheesh, things just got uncomfortable! But it's all ok, next up is the 'Image Scrapbook', Phew! Here you can find image profiles that different escort professionals have uploaded for potential Eccie clients. Again, unfortunately, if you don't register, you won't see anything more about escort profiles. Sorry! Oh, and then just in case you forgot to hand over your hard-earned cash, there's a button reminding you to "Pay for Premium Access", which is lucky as I almost did for a minute there.

Recently Uploaded Images

Fairly obviously, the categories to the left-hand side of the screen where you can peruse escorts who have uploaded photo material of themselves, you get very little info of course unless you sign up, just their online names, so fill out those forms guys if you want more action and less inertia.

Most Favorited Images

To be perfectly honest, I really don't see much difference between this and the section above it, but hey, at least here you get other consumers' valuable views as each photo is rated determined by how many likes it has had from paying constituents.

Find Ladies And So Much More

A lot of the section buttons deliberately link you to external sites such as Adult search which allows you to search for all different types of escorts in your local area or where you are visiting, you can find straight, shemale escorts, gay escorts, meet and fuck hookups and even live webcam action.

In fact, there is even a button just for shemale escorts, Here you can find the best transsexuals, shemales, and CDs in your local area.

Main Menu And Categories Eccie Review Site

This is all pretty boring, all you really need to know about this site is if you want access to chatrooms, private messaging, and the ability to see anything other than a 1" thumbnail on the site's picture boards, then register. The more you pay, the more you play. Simples! Forums

You could be expected to think that this is a forum site, even though it's not. But in many aspects, it does function in this way and delivers a wide range of forum chats as well as other pages.

Eccie Escorts Profiles

Every escort listing on the Eccie site has its own personal profile where you can get to know more about the background of each of these women. Just remember to register, even if it's just for the free sign up as you won't be able to get all the juicy details about these babes until you do.

Are All These Site Profiles The Real Deal?

I have read on other sites that some people have made allegations that the owners of Eccie and other related sites like Night Shift and Erotic Review have been responsible for writing hundreds upon hundreds of their own fake reviews to make the sites seem more popular than they actually are.

Eccie Members Reviews

This page provides results for just about anyone and everything. It's a community of escort-loving guys who like to share stories about who and how they fuck. Special Features

Now we all know that everybody experiences things differently, but at Eccie, if you don't join up for that premium ticket, you ain't gonna experience much at all, except maybe a limp dick and nobody to go out for dinner with, so forget about the girlfriend experience. Sorry, guys.


Eccie Pros

  • Top dollar reviews
  • Free registration
  • Useful & user-friendly
  • Safe space to share your review


Eccie Cons

  • Premium and VIP membership is expensive
  • A few ads, and occasionally some pop-ups
  • Not all reviews are totally legit


Final Thoughts On

If you're the type of guy who prefers escorts and guaranteed sex at the end of the night you've come to the right place, just don't expect to split the bill, or even have any money left to pay the bill once you have subscribed and are enjoying all of the perks of your new premium membership.

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