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Desivdo Indian Porn Site Review

While watching and looking at porn materials is not illegal in India but producing them is. That is exactly why all Indian porn sites only have amateur porn content. DesiVdo is one of those porn sites with only Desi or real Indians from India in the sex clips. What's more? It is a fact that even this free porn video site seems to have been built by an amateur. This place just looks good enough to hold lots of porn videos but not enough to impress anyone. This review won't just focus on how this site looks but more importantly if it brings fun to your Desi fetish life. That's because despite the fact that this site looks boring as fuck, it does have lots of real Desi sex videos to offer. Well, a bigger fact though is that the collection here isn't as massive as those in broader tube porn sites like XVideos. So, the real question is - can DesiVdo make up for its downsides through the quality of its content? Without further ado, let's start with a more thorough review of DesiVdo.

Desivdo Vs Other Indian Porn Sites

As I have mentioned earlier, this site only has amateur porn content produced, shared, and uploaded by amateurs. That's why in terms of video quality, you shouldn't expect to find porn clips that are better than 720p. Most of the short clips here are in 480p or less. If you find that acceptable and still don't want to close this window, let's continue with the review starting with how to go around this site.

I'm not sure if this site is simple as fuck or ugly as fuck, but there are other porn sites that are much worse than this one. But let's keep our eyes here, shall we? I honestly don't want to though but if you're one of those dudes who enjoy the thrill of being able to find sites that look naughty as hell, you'll like the vibes this site's appearance gives off. It has a plain black background, a neon pink text logo, 3 menu links, 4 "categories", and one white section block with static thumbnails, blinking ads, photo ads, and tags. Oh, and before you click on anything here, you should know that there are tons of pop-up ads here that pop up every time they get a chance to. If you don't want a life filled with windows and tabs you have to close with every click, better get an ad blocker that actually works, or just don't visit this site at all. Don't be tempted by the word "free" and that WordPress logo on the tab. I can't even conclude if this site is even worth the profit it gets from the ads. The three links on the menu bar on the header aren't even shortcuts to pages on this site but are links to other adult sites. The 4 categories under those are almost unnoticeable and they're practically useless too. The categories there are Desi Amateur, Desi X, New, and Videos. So, why do I think they are useless? DesiVdo only has Desi amateurs and the porn videos are sorted from the latest as a default. If you're looking for your ideal sex scenes and intensity, the best way to go will be through the tags and you can choose from them on the side part of the main section.

Now then, let's review the tags even more since they are almost the only reliable search feature here. There's a search box as well that appears when you click on the search button but when you think of an example keyword to use for your search, it's probably there on the tags. If it isn't, good luck getting results. The DesiVdo search query seems to rely on its tags and so do the titles.

Getting inside the video page, you might think that you just entered another site. It will surprisingly impress you because the homepage is just so plain in contrast to the video page especially if you won't see the ads. I like how the title is displayed right above the video player. The best feature for every user who is just into collecting sex tapes of real Indian girls - is the Download option. Does it work? Yes, it does. Another feature that is quite good here is that you can choose the playback option. It lets you watch the scenes at the speed that you like. That means you can watch the close-up you like at the exact speed you want to see it.

Summary Of DesiVDO Review

This site won't give you the best user experience in terms of navigation and content quality and it's not even close enough to random tube sites like XVideos, Xnxx, or PornHub despite the reality that looking for specific scenes that are fun to watch is also difficult. However, if you're into Desi girls, it's not impossible for you to enjoy at least one video on this site. After all, if you do understand what DesiVdo is and you're still here, it means that you're into Desi amateur sex tapes and there are quite a lot of them here.


  • lots of free Desi sex tapes that any user can download


  • tons of ads including pop-up windows

  • the porn videos are not long enough for watchers to enjoy a good fapping session

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