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The best erotic porn is served at Curvy Erotic. Focusing on big boobs, thick curves, incredibly round butts, and high quality softcore porn

If you believe that the sexiest women are big and beautiful, then enjoy what Curvy Erotic can offer you. This site is especially dedicated to all BBW lovers out there. Everything about Curvy Erotic is a tribute to big beautiful hot models whose curves some men would love to fondle.

How BB Are BBW?

If you're a newbie to the concept of big, beautiful porn stars, you might be one of those who think that a woman can only be called a BBW if her BMI says obese or beyond that. That's quite wrong actually. Well, a woman can be considered a BBW if most of her body is big like a combination of huge boobies and huge ass, or curves you'd love to snuggle on. Big and beautiful has a wide spectrum. Just imagine that it just doesn't include skinny girls with silicone tits.

Review of

There are so many big beautiful ladies you can find here on Curvy Erotic. They are from different continents and they come in different forms of BBW. Curvy Erotic seems to take pride in showing the porn community that not all porn stars have to be anorexic or get lipo every now and then, and that ladies can still gorge on a buffet every day and still be called sexy - and raise dicks. Curvy Erotic has a huge collection of BBW models and the way they feature them is very artistic and professional like in magazines. I guess this is why they keep their site looking like a form of a blog dedicated to glorifying these girls.

You can find Russian girls, Asian BBWs, hot fat MILFs, phat ebony models, and more. Pick your own girl. These models have featured photos that would let users see some kind of personality in every girl. (If you're one of those guys who still lies to himself and say that it's what's inside that matters. Phew.)


Getting around this site is kinda tricky. It's either that or that I'm both stupid and insatiable. The site has a very simple layout. Simple, but not that functional. It's great that they take pride in their huge collection of BBW models, but it's too much pride I say. Their header contains 5 inner page links and 2 of those are for displaying their models into... maybe just.. two categories? Technically, "Models" also include the "New Models", right? Anyway, I just think that it would have been better if they only had "Categories" and "Models" there. Even the "About" page has a few words which they could have just added on one side of the home page, or at the footer.

Content Categories

The majority of the content here on Curvy Erotic is photos. There are very few videos here but they all feature BBW models. I have checked a few videos, and since there are few of them in Curvy Erotic, I think I have reviewed almost all of them, and the ones I have seen are too clean. They are not perverted enough and even not long enough to even anticipate anticipation of climax. Look, Curvy Erotic, if you want to call yourself a real porn site, add some real porn, please?

You have convinced me enough through your long list of categories of BBWs of how beautiful big girls can be, but you've got to help the dudes fap to them like how they can fap away to S or M-sized models. That's what porn was created for, you know?

What they do have a lot of are photos. Even each video has several photos underneath showing some of the snippets within the video.

The one thing that Curvy Erotic can assure you is that for every model they have, there's a photo of her aside from the photo she has on the main "Models" list.

Choose Your Favorite Model

Since Curvy Erotics has highlighted "Models" quite so well, I'll discuss them some more.

You can see BBWs doing all sorts of poses and wearing all sorts of costumes, and none. There are hot BBWs wearing high heels looking very dominating paired with a sexy leather corset, lace lingerie, furry costumes, see-through tops, topless, etc. There are pages and pages of all these seriously hot BBWs on Curvy Erotics that you can access for free. They even have pages of HD photos that not all porn sites can offer for free. I'm not exactly a fan of BBWs, but the photo of Lisa Bukawski sitting on a bed's headboard wearing black high heels looks hair-raising hot. If you want to search for a pose or costume you'd like, or even pussy, you can check out "Categories" for that.

Also, as I have mentioned earlier, this site looks kinda innocent. So, if you want something more adult, more evil, check out the photos on the "Kinky" page.

Playboy BBW

Here's another awesome feature you can access here in Curvy Erotic - BBW Playboy Playmates! You know that any Playboy Playmate is surely eye candy. In the case of the girls of Curvy Erotic, they are like cotton candies. You would like them to leave a melt-in-your-mouth experience. You know what I mean.

Let me share with you my favorite BBW Playboy Playmate (who I have discovered only here in Curvy Erotic). Look for Riley Ticotin. You'll be able to tell the quality of this site with just a single hottie. The results are great quality professional shots. It goes to show that the content Curvy Erotic has isn't something you'll see in every other porn site you will encounter. This site is indeed very committed to serving you BBW-loving dudes.

Linked Websites

There are just a really few items on that very simple-looking navbar of theirs and 2 out of 7 tags there are links to other sites. One is iStripper and the other is AdultFriendFinder. iStripper is a wicked app that displays a tiny sexy dancer on your screen. Not sure how many folks are into that. AdultFriendFinder, in case you don't know, is an escort site pretending to be a dating site so they can find their way around areas where prostitution is not allowed. Most of the girls you'll find there, if not all, even transexuals, are probably hookers.

Another area where you can find another site is on the upper right side of the page. When you visit there, it's probably gonna be the same GIF of the same chick with purple hair and nice pair of boobs. I'm not complaining or anything because she looks enticingly sexy. I just hope they can feature different webcam models every time I switch pages. I mean, I'd like to see more previews of what's on their site. I don't think she's the only one on that webcam site, or is she. If you're also curious about it, you can try visiting Sounds like a sister-site of Curvy Erotic though so I hope they really have a lot of webcam models, too, like how there are a lot of them on the Curvy Erotic site.

Are There Ads?

Here's another thing that Curvy Erotic is very proud of that most porn sites don't have, their value for being completely ad-free. It is written on their "About" page, so I tested it just to have a feeling that I'll slap this to your face if I ever find a single one. But wow! They have none. No pop-ups, no banners, nothing! Their site is truly spotless. Round of applause to Curvy Erotic! I have added them to the list of my favorites sites.

I mean, man! We all know that most porn sites earn their cash from advertisements, right? Sometimes sites rely on even the dirtiest, crappiest advertisers they can get just to make sure that their shite of a site lives. I wonder how Curvy Erotic actually monetizes because everything here is accessible for free.

Final Verdict

To sum it all up, Curvy Erotic really is a great collector of BBW chicks. Amazing galleries, and professionally taken images. Great job on that. Here are the things I especially like and dislike about this site:


  • Availability of HD photos
  • is free for use and no membership required
  • It really is a site for curvy erotic girls
  • Totally ad-free


  • Wish they can feature at least one video for every category they have
  • They should probably look more like a photo gallery site than stick to a blog template

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