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Free Cum Tribute Porn Site Review

If you are like me, then you have no clue what tribute porn is.

This is a very weird niche of porn, that to me is honestly a bit odd and depraved.

The idea behind cum tributes is basically a bunch of guys on the internet upload non-pornographic photos and pictures of women, and other men will print these pictures out and bust their nut all over the pictures and then either post their photos or sometimes videos for everyone to see.

I haven't seen many other porn sites like this.

For me, that is odd as hell, but if you are one of the guys or girls who like to get off on cum tributes, then is the place for you - so tune into this review and see what this site has to offer!

Porn Forums

CumOnPrintedPics is laid out in a classic forum-style porn site.

So when you get there, you can open the threads that pique your interests.

The types of porn here are quite varied. You can find "traditional" cum tributes, tribute requests, porn fakes, celebrity cum tributes, contests, and more.

Many of those categories are self-explanatory, so I won't get too much into detail here - but that is the type of content you can expect to find on this site.

CumOnPrintedPics Community

The community on is very active, as you would imagine.

The forum thread-style lends itself well to community participation, as well as the central theme of the porn site.

In addition to the forum section, there is a chat option where all you guys and girls (let's be honest here, mostly guys) can chat and share content with your fellow deplorables.

Best Porn Categories

So, there aren't really "Categories" per se on CumOnPrintedPics.

There are loosely fitting categories I guess, in the sense that you can click on a forum thread differentiating between pics of young girls, mature women, neighbors, classmates, etc that other users post.

But, there is no area where you can go and selectively filter content to find a nice list of all the pics and images that you are trying to find.
And to be honest, I'm not even sure what they would be since the photos people post seem to all be non-pornographic anyway.

Best Porn Sites

The best porn sites out there have good filtering options, good layouts, and good moderation.

I believe CumOnPrintedPics has none of these.

You can't filter content (and why would you?), the layout of CumOnPrintedPics leaves a lot to be desired as they have no dark mode and a lot of site clutter, and lastly, the moderation is evidently quite bad.

CumOnPrintedPics Minors?

On almost every page you open on Cum On Printed Pics, you will find a big notice saying no posting content from minors.

I made one trip to the Hall of Fame section, so I could see the top content the site has to offer, and the first thread I clicked on had what seemed to be a man posting pics of his neighbor.

How he got the photos, I can't tell you, but many seemed to be personal suggestive selfies.

Really weird stuff here guys, and just be aware that moderation is not strong here.

The most surprising thing was that all the posts and topics seemed to have tons of views (over 350,000), a high user rating, and tons of replies from other users across the internet using some pretty derogatory language.

I don't want to be that guy here, but these posts are more than weird, they reside in a legal grey area.


This almost goes without saying, but the pop-ups on the site suck.
Beware there are pop-ups, banners, and redirects, so AdBlock up.

CumOnPrintedPics Final Thoughts

I think this community is weird, and sites dedicated to tribute porn are just off in my opinion.


  • Active Community


  • Poor Quality Services
  • Poor Moderation
  • Cluttered layout
  • No filtering options
  • The list goes on concerning the low quality of this site, but suffice to say: stay away

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