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Review of Crazy Shit Porn Videos

Okay, let's hit the ground running on this one. If you are into the most depraved shit you can find on the internet, then CrazyShit is where you want to be.

This site can't even really be called a porn website. I mean, it isn't like other porn sites at all.

It features a porn section, yes, and the content you can find there has me questioning whether I should take a break from the internet or grab the hand lotion, you know?

But when you leave the porn sections, you can find absolutely anything.

And I mean anything, so beware. We are talking suicide videos, cartel executions, physical/emotional abuse, fights, gore, scat. It gets pretty crazy in here, so beware of the risk before jumping in.

CrazyShit Website Categories

When you enter, you will most definitely want to make sure you are clicking on some categories so you can get exactly where you want to be, because navigating this site without filters sometimes feels like walking through a house of horrors.

The homepage of the CrazyShit site shows you the top-rated videos for every day of the prior week, and then you have the ability to scroll back through pages indefinitely to witness first-hand the craziest wtf shit content that you've ever seen compiled into one web browser.

The top 5 videos from today, for instance, were some camgirls dancing, a crazy lady rolling around naked in the street masturbating, a female cop shooting a perp dead, a compilation video of awful things happening to people in everyday life, and the last video titled "Always be prepared".

Now I've spent more time than I would like perusing CrazyShit, and I know to not click a video with such a clickbait title, but if you are adventurous and into gore, then be my guest!

So yes, make sure to flick through the categories, so you can narrow your results to the relative sphere you are looking for.

The categories are as follows: Extreme Content (read: death and gore), Fights (with weapons), Slutty (naked women, usually no killing or gore), WTF (unexpected gore or death), and a couple of others, but I am sure you get the idea.

Porn Websites

So yes, CrazyShit is not your typical porn site, but if you can get past all the material that makes you want to curl up and hold your puppy for hours to feel faith in the world again, then you can actually find some unique porn here that is hard to find on other porn sites.

The content here is obviously going to be more extreme content than the content you'd find on other popular porn sites. But for some, that is a big draw.

Website Videos


CrazyShit has it all. If it exists, then it can be consumed here in its true form.

Whether you are talking about anal rape, abusing hookers, deflowering 18-year-olds, or compilations of cheating girlfriends, you can find it on CrazyShit.

Each video on the site has a couple of tags that give you some information about the video before you jump in.

The tags let you know how many people have viewed the video (I find this is the best way to filter the best videos, due to lack of proper filtering options, but more on that later), how many likes/dislikes it has received, the total number of comments it has, and date added category.

Now the comments are a bit frustrating, it seems like has a robust... community. I'm not sure how that makes me feel, but there are a ton of comments on all the videos.

The catch is, you need an account.

Crazyshit Free Porn

Yes, all the porn content is free to access on crazy shit, for me, the question will always be - do you actually want access to the services the site is offering.

CrazyShit doesn't really give you the option to filter the content on their site, and for me, that is a big problem.

It would be very useful if I could sort my images and videos based on the most viewed, and the highest-rated at least.

But instead, it seems all videos are listed in order of most recent, which makes it challenging to find the hidden gems that can be found throughout the site. Crazy Shit, we both know you can do better, so get your crazy shit together.

Crazy Shit Community

Okay, so I hinted at it earlier, but now I will say it directly.

Crazy Shit has a strong community on their site, and I don't know how to feel.

The extreme content on the Crazy Shit site always seems to have so many comments.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately) you can't actually read what they are saying without first signing up for an account.

Likewise, you can get into their Discord if that is your thing by signing up for an account.

One big plus for the Crazy Shit site is that because they have such a robust group, there are plenty of daily uploads and a ton of content that is uploaded into their respective categories.

This is nice because there will never be a dull moment, I can tell you that.

Full Page Ads

As you would expect from a site such as Crazy Shit, there are a ton of ads on the pages.

This can make it difficult to navigate the already difficult-to-navigate website that is

The ads here come in many forms - mainly pop-ups and redirects that serve to clutter the page and potentially harm your computer.

Luckily, I didn't run into any auto-downloads but be on the lookout because that may have just been from chance.

Crazy Shit Mobile Experience

I have to say I was surprised by the mobile experience for this site.

I didn't expect much, but for what content it is offering it was actually fairly reasonable.

Content loaded just fine, I was able to navigate without the page losing any quality, and the images all scaled appropriately.

Well done Crazy Shit, I will keep the website's mobile experience in mind whenever I recommend it to anyone.

Short Average Content-Length

This is a topic I don't normally run into with most porn sites that I review.

I'm not sure why, but it seems most of the content on seems to be 3 minutes and under.

If anything, I would say most sites have videos that are far too long for me.

I don't enjoy sitting down for 50-70 minutes for a full-length porn flick.

For me, watching a couple of different 5-8 minute clips is perfect.

So, if you are anything like me, then you will have to burn through many different clips, and when you factor in the loading/buffering time in between, it can cause the whole experience to be a bit janky.

Free Downloads

The last topic I will hit is the downloads.

For those who are interested, CrazyShit follows suit to some of the most popular and revered pornographic sites by allowing free downloads of their content.

It is quite simple to do, and yes, you need to register as a user first, but after a quick sign-up session you can get straight to downloading all of your filthy materials right from the site.

CrazyShit Final Thoughts

All things considered, I don't think I would recommend this site to anyone unless I knew they were into really hardcore stuff.

The content you will find here is not for the faint of heart, and it is not like most other sites.


  • Fucked up shit
  • Daily updates
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Interesting categories


  • Really fucked up shit
  • Short clips
  • A lot of ads and pop-ups

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