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CamWhoresHD Free Recorded Cam Shows Review

CamWhoresHD isn't a live cams site but it has some of the best scenes streamed on live cams. It also features some of the hottest live cam streamers on the web. Although it's different watching these girls do sexy stuff live, there are a lot of plus points watching the recorded versions here on CamWhoresHD and one of those is that you won't have to stay through the entire show with boring scenes and you can just watch the extremely sexy and naughty ones that you would actually want to see. But, the best thing about this site is basically the fact that you can watch these popular webcam babes through recorded videos for free.

Looking For Cam Scenes

The good thing about having a common design is that porn site users are already used to browsing similar-looking sites so navigation is relatively easy as pie. It has a conspicuous search box, a menu bar, a sidebar with browsing suggestions, and thumbnails of featured webcam videos. Now, the question is, how reliable these features are, and how updated their top lists are. First, let's talk about the basic sorting options on the menu bar - Latest, Top Rated, and Most Viewed. You'll be surprised when you visit the Most Viewed page because you'll see videos that are definitely neither live cam nor webcam videos. Dude, since when did the Family Strokes network use a mobile cam or a webcam for shooting porn? Yeah, that's right. You'll definitely find ultra HD quality videos on this site but they're the free previews from a premium porn network. What that means is that the dudes behind love camwhores but they also enjoy getting those dollars for every hit they can refer to a huge porn network. Nothing wrong with it, but they're quite obvious with their disloyalty. You'll get to see a few more of these videos in the Top Rated section, too. The Latest section is more responsible and seems to feature only free cam vids.

Thanks to other registered site users, we get to see a more reliable way of looking for a video that you specifically prefer, you can check out the Playlists section. There are playlists there with interesting titles such as Killer Tits, Squirt & Cum, Stockings Bitch, My Asia Babes, and more.

Cam Scenes And Other Categories

If you want to check all of the free cam videos here in a bit of an organized method, the way to go is probably by checking out the categories. There are plenty of categories here but only a few of them are common niches. Lots of it are the sources of these videos which are either sites or apps such as Cam4, TopCams, LiveJasmin,, BongaCams, iFriends, CamFuze, Twitch, StripChat, and more. Actually, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are also included on the list but I have no idea how the heck these nude videos landed there. If we're talking about the mainstream sites with the capital letters YT, IG, and FB, I have no idea how that happened and I'm not sure if you can actually find those videos there and how. Do they even get a single hit on those platforms? Anyway, if you prefer looking for videos without considering which webcam site or live cam app they came from, you can check out the categories based on niches that they have such as Asian, MILF & Mature, Toys, Babe, Solo Girls, Fetish, Teen, Lingerie, Big Tits, Feet, Latina, Uniform & Cosplay, Black, Naked, and Various. Judging by the thumbnail cover photos though, they look inaccurate. Have you seen the Big Tits category? I don't consider those bigs. Worse is the Feet thumbnail which doesn't display a single foot but a girl with enormous areolas. Also, the category Various doesn't sound convincing as well. Doesn't it sound like a wasted effort?

CamWhores Directory

I would have honestly given my thanks to whoever is in charge of if they have just listed all of the names of the models they have here instead of adding blank thumbnails on the Models page which just makes it more challenging to go through their database because the majority of the names here don't even have a photo. The default page for this section shows the girls with the most uploaded clips. It's how they seem to sort things by default even if you check the names alphabetically. If you try to check out one of those names, you'll land on a page that seems like it should have information about the model such as the official site, country, city, height, weight, and age, and a short description, but of course, there's N/A on those fields. It's probably rare to see profiles with actual information especially on those without even a photo.

Albums Vs Channels

Well, they're both not doing their purpose and it probably means that this website hasn't been manually updated by its manager Albums seem like they should be holding pictures and there are even details on every blank frame like title, number of photos, when it was created or uploaded, rating, and views. I even created an account here thinking that they might be exclusive to registered members only but it's a waste of effort. I didn't get anything. So, going to channels, I was thinking that this one probably features free channels or sources but it doesn't feature anything. Sorry, guys, but these two sections aren't even registered members exclusive content.

Sign Up Process

How's the sign-up process? Is it easy? Should you make an account here? How's the community? What are the perks? Aside from being able to add videos to your Favorites list or Watch Later, you can make your own playlist, cast your votes on the clips, and interact with other members in different ways. You can subscribe to their activities which is good if you enjoy the playlists they make. You can also add them to your list of friends and send them a message. Who knows you might be lucky enough to touch base and get close to one of the chicks posting their own videos here for free and enjoy chatting with them with no restrictions.

CamWhores Overall Rating

Basically, if you really want to enjoy a free cam video, this site is a good one and I'm definitely going to have it listed as one of the best in its category because hey, I don't need to collect a bucket of dollars just to be able to see hot cam chicks showing off their naughtiness because I can access their videos here for free. Honestly, this could have been one of the most recommended porn sites if not for its downsides.

Stuff You'll Love

  • lots of recorded webcam videos from the best live cam streams
  • there's a lot of high-resolution videos here
  • free membership

Stuff You'll Hate

  • sections that aren't working and few niches-based categories
  • annoying ads
  • not all of the videos here are from cam babes

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