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As a judge of all the sites on the internet, I could refresh your mind and show you as users how each stuff works especially with all the websites, for the tutorial, the report, or for the signing as an update for the website. As I have viewed and have checked on my own. I click on a lot of things and I have noticed the love of a lot of interesting topics. Since it is not as updated as I thought. The list is endless and in terms of it, all the results are found to be in relation to all the views. The information on this site is mind-blowing if you ask me. The short videos on Bunnyfap is a refresh from the normal shit we see and we are used to.

The videos are really for the website and well, I just find everything amazing to look at. The refresh feeling is really intense. Let me tell you, I mean, where else can you get short videos of hardcore fucking? The website is a full-on experience and I really recommend you check it out. I say a full-on experience because they really have a randomizer going on in this site. You can get a mix of videos, gifs, and pictures. By the way, the randomizer is called autofap, and well it really goes by that name. You have a cycle of the three content I have mentioned, that goes and keeps going if you press the arrow button. It really is a whole ass ride, this site.

The website layout, well let us talk about it. First off it is in dark mode, so that is good especially with all the features that work well together. The update is checked daily and added frequently. The topics could be as updated on the oldest shit you have seen. The good thing about this, and that I love about it, is when other information is presented on sites and the fact I can see the number of views. I can see how many people have seen the videos, making it easy to find good material to jerk off to.

I personally think that is amazing, I mean where else can you go and find those types of shit? Exactly I find it amazing like that. I also want you to know that everything else is really amazing in terms of it all.

I mean the site's content is unique and very different from those we are used to. The layout is decent enough wherein I can actually navigate the page pretty well without problems. I like everything about it except a few things. The thumbnails are too big, I feel like if they made the thumbnails smaller, I would have appreciated it more. I want more categories to choose from. In fairness to them, the material on here is actually fairly decent. I mean, hardcore and other kinky things that we do not see a lot anywhere else, they have it here. The views are really important to me as well, I mean I am glad I can check on their views and check if one thing is better than the other. I appreciate that very much. The views are also a great way to show that people are going to the website and can act as the user rating for this site. Now, if you ask me, I think this is a fairly decent way to measure the user rating.

Final Thoughts:

I like most of the things on here. I like to view all the unique videos, the categories, and the layout. Though I wish for more when it comes to categories. I wish for a cleaner interface for me to use and look at. I wish for a better website overall. I know they can provide that since they have already provided something like this. I want to see that, I would definitely recommend this website to people. Especially those who are looking for new sites to explore and have fun with. We do not have a lot of content that is being released online that is something as unique as the content on this site. Though if you hate it, you can always check out the recommended pages down below for your enjoyment.

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