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BDSM Videos Review

Boundhub is your one-stop-porn site for all things bondage. BDSM content is this site's specialty, and they do it well. Boundhub has a huge selection of BDSM videos, a category for every niche fetish, active users and members, and many great features other similar sites are lacking.

Lezdom, machines, latex, leather, lace, maledom, models, S&M, soft-touch - has got your BDSM experience covered with albums, photos, and videos. So if like Rihanna, chains and whips excite you, then bound hub is where you need to be!

Boundhub Porn Tube

The first thing you will notice is that the homepage is of mediocre design. I mean it's not Rule34xxx (see review) level of bad, but it isn't quite up to the standard that we are all used to. Don't let this discourage you, bound hub has a ton to offer. While it may not look exactly like our favorite corporate porn website, it does have many similar features that set it above other similar bondage porn sites.

Site Navigation and bdsm filter options

Bound hub's top navigation bar is great and gives you everything you need to navigate this beautiful bondage site. Immediately, you are able to filter videos by lastest, top-rated, and most viewed. I'm not sure about how you like to find your videos, but I love to hop right to the most viewed section while adding one key filter to get to the category I'm itching for.

Boundhub makes this abundantly easy and quick, which is exactly what I want from a porn site for a good user experience.

There are some other nice options on the top bar - albums, category, other top bondage porn sites, individual pornstars, playlists, community, and date and cam.

All of these selectors keep you on-site, with the exception of date and cam, which bring you to third-party sites.

Bound hub BDSM Videos Features and layout

With respect to the actual videos themselves, there is a lot of variation. This is expected, of course, from a porn site that supports both professional and personal user uploads.

The video quality can be anywhere from potato-quality, to 1080 HD videos.

The really nice feature of the layout is that each thumbnail preview has the porn video length, the user-rating, and the total views, so you are able to quickly access all the best sticky-good machine leather touch porn this site has to offer.

Another absolutely key feature that bound hub supports is the ability to sort the video page selection by day, week, and all-time. For me, this is just so fundamentally necessary, I can't understand when other BDSM porn tubes don't support this. Listen up all you third-rate porn sites, we love your shit but get better filter options!

Bondage Categories

The categories on boundhub are numerous, and interestingly enough they allow filter options similar to videos. You are able to sort alphabetically, by most viewed, or by highest rated.

Interesting bound hub, but maybe unnecessary unless I am a first-time BDSM viewer not sure exactly what type of videos or photos I want on my page and need to follow the popular search trends.

When it comes to the actual categories, you have everything you could ever want for your BDSM experience. Classic bondage, Ball gags, Nylon, Vibrators, Amateur, Humiliation, Punishment. You get the point, there is something here for everyone, so get the body butter out and just enjoy it.

BDSM Community Groups

Another great feature of boundhub is the active community.

Almost every post has a few comments discussing... well you know what they discuss there. But users do more than just comment in very specific and explicit detail what they would use and where they would use it, they actually engage in the community.

I don't mean community here in the sense of picking trash from the street or lending a hand at the local soup kitchen.

Member Profiles

I mean when you navigate to the community tab, you are greeted with a page that allows you to sort members and users by popularity, total views, newest, or most active.

This is great because if there is a user or member you are particularly...fond of, you can find them easily and head over to their profile to check them out.

Once on a member's menu, you can see a wide range of info. Most importantly, you can see a list of their total videos, album photos, playlists, and what videos they have favorited.

In addition, you can even send them a personal message and become friends through boundhub. This is a cool feature, and I will always support it when a porn site ties users together.

I mean tries. Sorry, Freudian Slip... knot. Okay, I promise I'm done now.

S & M Boundhub Review

All things considered, is a stellar site and boasts a ton of excellent features.


  • Huge selection
  • Excellent filtering options


  • Website design

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