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BootyTape Free Porn Torrents Site Review

It was previously, but now even if you type on the address bar, it will just switch to Aside from that change, they also changed the header image.

Anyway, if you're thinking about using this porn torrent site to download some smut stuff you won't find on other free porn sites, you might want to consider reading this full review before you fill up that signup form on the homepage. Signing up is free so you have nothing to lose except a bit of time. However, if you're just indiscriminately looking for an adult website that allows you to download porn content, you might really want to reconsider especially if you don't have a torrent client or you don't want to bother taking steps to protect your privacy or at least hide your IP.

Porn Torrents Vs Porn Downloads

Like what I'm trying to say in the intro, in a way, using a torrent site to look for porn content isn't for everyone and torrents are kind of like for half-nerds to total-nerds because downloading files using torrents requires more steps before you can start watching porn videos. Aside from that, there are more things you should consider about the differences between torrent websites and free video download sites.

While some might think that downloading straight from the sources take more memory space than torrent files, it's actually the opposite. The torrent activity takes up plenty of space on the hard drive while just the usual download activity doesn't. Also, if choosing between 2 or more links in a download porn site or streaming links in porn tubes confuses you, then you might be even more confused with lots of rules on a site like

Read The Rules Before Signing Up

Here's a fine warning to all porn-lovers out there, before you join any community related to adult entertainment, make sure that you read and understand its rules first. has lots of them actually and they're already on display on the site's home page. One of those that you should really notice if you want to keep your membership alive is that you have to download a torrent within 24 hours from the time you created your account here. This site seems to be very serious in keeping only active members here. You also have to make sure that you have downloaded or uploaded a total of 1MB within that 24-hour timeframe. Sounds like an easy feat? Well, a .torrent file is just around 10KB so you'll need to download around 68 torrents and reciprocate it by uploading around 34 torrents because you have to consider the 2:1 rule here. What I mean by the 2:1 rule is the fact that you have to upload at least half of what you download. In a way, you have to give as you receive.

One last thing, you should do here is read those things you check as a sign that you agree to the terms here including the fact that you have to read the "Help Forum" first before you bother asking questions with answers that are already there. You'll have to make an effort though to look for the answers by yourself, but it's better than getting unanswered.

Booty Tape Site Layout

Let's discuss what you should know about the design and navigation in BootyTape. BootyTape has really bad taste. It looks like an underground site that its creator has abandoned and is just being sustained by the community and bots. It's impressive how this site still remains in balance that I can imagine the website creator saying "look, ma, no hands!"

Getting down to business, how do you look for specific adult content here such as celebrity sex tapes, tentacle teen scenes, ebony booty tapes, amateur Latina stripteases, and more? There are several options for you to do that such as using the search box to look for content containing those words in their titles or tags. You can also look for them in the category tags index. There are also filters you can apply such as if you want to search in specific categories only, in a double seed bonus, free leech, unseeded, or if you also want to include the matching keywords in the description. It's kind of meticulous but if you want to get results from the search box, then you should at least select all of those items.

Can You Cheat The 2:1 Rule?

Based on the experience of probably all users, you can't and you shouldn't. Just like seeding is to BitTorrent and other clients, it is just basic etiquette for your peers here.

Of course, if you feel like your hands are already full and you don't want to care about things like hiding your IP address, watching your seed numbers, worrying about your network detecting your activity, and other stuff, seriously, mate, you don't really have to push yourself hard in using torrents. They might not just be for you. If you really want to access this mind-blowingly huge collection of pornographic content, you'd really have to read the entire information about the use of this site and follow them.

Do I Recommend Booty Tape?

There are still a lot of free porn torrent sites like BootyTape out there but I personally don't really recommend using a torrent site for downloading porn since there are a lot of porn sites out there that also let users download videos for free. The reason why torrents still exist is that a single server can host a hell of lot more files than most porn download sites. Although, in a sense, it's up to the downloader whether the pros outweigh the cons.

However, when it comes to asking whether it's safe to use or not, it is safe to say that it is safe because as far as I know, and based on the comments about BootyTape on other review websites. It also has a disclaimer on its home page that the adult material you'll find on this site is for promotional use only and they're not for sale. It also has a statement that promotes the support for the upcoming projects of your favorite actors and actresses.

On another note, looking for shit here is painful to the eyes mainly because of the site design. They have a categories list but the words are jumbled and there are words that are bigger than others in a fucking random way. Although, when it comes down to what makes BootyTape included among the best porn sites, it's probably because it's completely ad-free.

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