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If you're an insatiable guy who wouldn't cum on just vanilla sex but goes steel rod hard on bondage, whips, and sticks, then BDSMStreak is for you. This extreme porn tube only has BDSM stuff here. This tube site has no place for softies. There's cunt torture, caning, hot wax, and electro here. These aren't the usual stimulators. These acts will blow a weak mind. Everything here is for hardcore people only. Don't dare expect to get an innocent plot here. What starts as an innocent-looking story might end up in a dark room of pain.

Here's my review on the BDSMStreak site and let me get the details right for you whether or not this will be your next BDSM porn source, or if it is just another extreme tube site.

BDSMStreak Extreme Only Porn Videos

BDSM Streak is dedicated to BDSM stuff as its title says. It takes pride as a BDSM tube site collecting only porn videos of bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism. All of the acts you'll see on every video here display that in one way or another. Not all tube sites get to be as specific as BDSM Streak. Anyway, everything here is EXTREME BDSM. You get BDSM in different combinations. Name it and you get that stuff here. Do you want sissy bondage? You'll get it here. Actually, you'll see a category here called Vanilla but it's not your usual vanilla. It's like Vanilla flavored Carolina Reaper. It's BDSM pretending to be some sweet vanilla. Try checking out a video and you'll see that that girl giving a nice blow job with a sweet-looking face on the video's thumbnail preview is actually begging for domination. Like I have said, the content here is not for romantic fantasies. All of the videos here are for BDSM experience-loving dudes out there regardless if those dudes have a sadistic or a masochistic fetish.

There's something I noticed about the way BDSMStreak marks their thumbnails and it's a pretty dirty trick. At first look, you might be impressed with how most of the previews have an "HD" icon, but in reality, not all of them are actually HD. It just goes to say that those without it are either vintage or just really low quality. It's a really cheap trick, BDSM Streak! Change your ways of tagging "HD."

BDSMStreak BDSM Categories

Let me give you a review now on the several categories this BDSM Streak site has. These categories are actually good but not all extreme tube sites actually provide these kinds of services that BDSMStreak offers including how they categorize their videos. Personally, I think they were able to do a neat job on making these categories so you'll know which page you should go to based on your fetish. The most popular categories that BDSM Streak has are cunt torture, tits torture, CBT, and throat fuck. If you have a fetish for someone's race, I'm not saying you are racist, then you can go check out Chinese, Japanese, or German here. I'm wondering how popular "scat" is to make it to their list. Why do you even call that a fetish? Does anyone enjoy that shit? Who gets aroused enough to want to experience someone shitting on them? That's a really sick but popular fetish but a lot of porn tubes have videos of it and it makes me question humanity. Anyway, back to BDSM Streak, aside from those categories, feel free to browse videos under these cats like Watersports, Long, Sissy, and the famous theme - Bondage. Just in case you have just become of legal age and just escaped your period of innocence, you should know that Watersports does not include scuba diving, parasailing, etc. It's just 'piss' actually. They have scat here. Won't you expect they have a category for pissing, too? They have wide content here and they even have quality videos including free HD videos. Yep. BDSMStreak made it easier for you to find videos of HD quality without having to search and check one video at a time. Just check it out on the Categories page then voila! You'll see multiple pages of HD quality porn videos heaven.

Bonus Content on

Not content with videos, or not a fan of video porn? Although that is very rare. This site has other services they offer such as photos and cams!

Check out the navbar on the homepage of BDSM Streak and you'll find links to their Photos page to see dozens of pages of BDSM photos. I'm not a fan of the Mature niche so if you're like me, then you probably won't enjoy viewing their collection either because most of the pictures on the first page show matured people.

Another feature on BDSMStreak is their webcams site. You got that right! BDSMStreak has a subdomain for live cams. Their live cam models are mostly dominant women wearing leather or latex suits with whips and other toys.

BDSM Streak Site Layout

Now I'll give a review on how this site looks like and whether or not the site's layout is functional. I usually consider the layout of all the sites I visit and review. That's because you'll see how much value every creator of these sites actually gives them. If the homepage is crap, you can expect that the content is the same, or neglected. What sucks worse than porn tubes full of broken links or unavailable videos?

Fortunately, BDSMStreak isn't such. Every single video I checked worked. Even though their colors and layout don't really look attractive with a lazy plain white background and thumbnails that don't even have bevels or borders, at least their stuff actually works and won't just keep on redirecting to different sites. No further comments on their layout anymore, but I do hope they have chosen a pitch-black, or a dark red, or a deep plum background just to give a more BDSM-ish look. Who associates white with extreme or hardcore sex?

BDSMStreak Good Points

  • Everything here is related to S&M and bondage in one way or another
  • It's like a congregation of related fetish dips from other sites
  • BDSMStreak has a huge variety of materials including a subdomain for cams
  • Pretty useful navbar

BDSMStreak No-Good Points

  • Almost non-existent community
  • No interaction available for users like posting comments
  • Users barely rate any video
  • Ads on the side on inner pages and pop-up sites

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