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MPPS Best Porn Sites Reviews: BDSMlr

You can find the most accurate and useful reviews of the best porn sites of every single porn category on the Most Popular Porn Sites - and I'm proud to say that BDSMlr is one of the best adult websites that I have reviewed so far, especially on its niche. I'm not going to oversell this website either. But you'll have to know that BDSMlr is like Tumblr vomit because it holds stuff that rejects. Anyway, it's a blog site for BDSM content, so minors, do stay away from here.

Let's get started with the review on this free porn content blog platform.

BDSMlr Free BDSM Blog Platform

What kind of site is BDSMlr?

Warning: if you have high sensitivity against bondage, torture, or FemDom, this site may not be for you. This adult blog website is dedicated to BDSM enthusiasts only and those who fantasize about it.

BDSMlr is a user-driven BDSM site which means the entire content here is produced or added by its users. It's like a social media platform for BDSM enthusiasts and practitioners. There are also tons of new users every month which is a huge good point for an adult content blogs site because it means more posts and more raunchy stuff to find.

Although, just as this is a Tumblr for porn content for adults and it's the users who publish stuff here, it doesn't guarantee that you can only enjoy BDSM-related fetishes or fun here. It is exactly like Tumblr which is, of course, why you may find other porn pics, GIFs, and videos that aren't showing anything that has Bondage, Domination, Sadism, or Masochism here, but the content is definitely strictly for adults only.

Anyway, just like Tumblr, you get all your stuff laid out for you and you can just scroll as much as you want to see all of the posts here. If you see a post that suits your kink, you can check it out to find a similar post that matches the tag used - in short, there aren't many search features on BDSMlr and you get infinite scroll with a "go to the top" button at best.

Tumblr Porn Blogs Version

The layout of this site and navigation is just like Tumblr from a couple of years ago. You might even think that the web designers of both sites are just the same and they're just trying to unleash their fetishes and other sinful as hell desires by creating this free porn social media platform. Anyways, most people here probably don't care so let's just talk about how to go around this BDSM haven.

This isn't like other sites for pornographic content that lets you search for stuff specific to your fetishes or kinks via a Categories page or list. However, on the right side of the screen just a few scrolls down, you'll find two buttons - Browse By Groups and Browse By Tags. If you go by the Groups option, well, it'll only work if you create one at the Group Section. For Tags, you'll have to rely on the creators of the posts here to find this feature reliable - in fact, all of the features here rely more on the humans who post these posts.

Sign In Is Required

You can't stay out of the signup process if you want to access this site. No need to worry though because the registration on BDSMlr is completely free. It's so easy to join here actually and create an account - and I think that this is so much worth the tiny effort. I mean, if you join BDSMlr, you won't need either Tumblr or Twitter for socialization with strangers only to be burnt by others for your sexy humor and other kinky interests.

BDSMlr Community

What kinds of people can you interact with here? You can find both just fans and those who take in BDSM as a lifestyle. Aside from using this site as a porn-exclusive alternative to Tumblr or Twitter, you can also chat with like-minded people in the community.

Content On BDSMlr - Not Your Ordinary Blogs

When it comes to the BDSMlr collection, there are a few points I'll discuss.

First of all, since the users are the ones posting content here, I was worried that there might be anomalies with the posts like there might be things that don't really belong here. There really were. LOL. You will find some people here post NSFW content that is not really portraying any BDSM, extreme fetish, or even kink. Anyway, there is a heck of a lot of categories here but you'll be able to find them as tags. They have the most popular categories in their content. Aside from a sissy category, they have categories for extreme fetishes such as Femdom, Maledom, Gay Sex, Lesbian Sex, Latex, and more. You won't be able to escape some ballbusting content here. Aside from real humans, you'll also be able to find some images of Gay, Lesbian, and Latex in Hentai and Cartoon versions. Whatever your fetish may be, there's a huge chance you'll find content in different categories or tags here. Speaking of art, people do tend to bost some of their fetish-related hentai or cartoon drawings here too and I just wish that BDSMlr can have an art section for easier viewing.

Second, you should really check out their naughty yet funny, crazy funny, and simply weird memes that are even related to current news. No sick junk here though.

Third, I noticed that the site followers are kind of slut-biased who are slaves to Maledom. However, you'll see some dominant women here and not just in terms of sexy ladies showing off but actually being the sadist ones.

Final Thoughts On BDSMlr

The great thing about BDSMlr is that you can expect tons of BDSM content here and a lot of other sexy stuff here which you can access for free. There are no restrictions and discrimination on a free account because there's no such thing as a premium here. I gotta say that I'm quite proud of the creators for what they did here. For my overall review, BDSMlr is not just a great source of free porn media such as videos, GIFs, and static pics, but it's also a better porn version of Twitter for posting free hot stuff for all its users. As a fellow user, I'll give it a high user rating of 4 out of 5 stars. It probably just needs improvement on setting expectations with its sex posts because it might eventually turn into another forum where its users will just use it to publicly publish their sex tapes and nude pictures.

By the way, this works really well on a mobile web browser, too.

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