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New home of the fatties. BBW / SSBBW and Weight Gain Image Board and Forum. Fat Belly Feedees Curvy Plump Women Free Big Boob Videos

Big up! So I'm imagining if you've found yourself here you are aware of the type of fetish content on this Big, Beautiful Women-Chan website. Set your expectations high, you're going to love this homepage.

Many of you I suspect know of the evil twin of BBW Chan, the imageboard site 4Chan, the site has even lifted part of its name. If you don't know (lies), then allow me to enlighten you... 4 chan is an internet dark spot, essentially 4chan is a website that caters to some pretty depraved shit, and that's why it's so fucking popular. The BBWChan community is growing fast people, faster than fat girls on french fries.

4Chan already has one complete section dedicated to big, beautiful women content, but I guess it had outgrown its limited space on the site so the owners of BBW Chan decided to give all the fatties some more space on their very own imageboard porn site.

Either way, let's just say BBW chan is a BIG thing! And man, users can spread the love of fat worship throughout the world! There are enough fat booty chicks and big ass girls with bountiful tits here to create their own weight watchers empire.

Big, Beautiful Women-Chan Porn Review

The main site design is pretty sweet, clean and simple, and easy to navigate, it does look like they just ripped the entire user interface and layout from its evil twin site though?

On the BBWChan home page, you are greeted by one fat ass girl smothering the search bar with her huge booty and fat ass tits and rolls hanging out all over the place. Just to let you know that you are in the right place of course.

BBWChan Image Board Booty

You have access to all of the BBW threads, videos, and images on the site with no membership required. The size of the big booty sex library is immense and one of the best online for this sort of thing. There is no need to set up an account on the BBWChan porn site, woohoo! Set the booties free! Spread the big sex love all around the world, worldwide wide!

Girls, Girls, And More Girls

The favorite Big, Beautiful Women categories are pretty easy to guess and the most popular by far is the default BBW board, which already has over 100,000 posts. So what are you waiting for? Jump into the folds with both feet forward. This is where it gets exciting, the world of amateur pictures and videos of fat chicks is at your fingertips.

BBW Community

This is a niche page for a niche fetish and boy is there something for anyone into BBW porn and fans of sites like BBWChan. The BBW community is huge! You will find a ton of top material here compared to other BBW porn websites and other sites like 4Chan. As far as online porn communities go, this BBW site isn't the most active, you'll find that a lot of people using this site prefer to keep their name out of it and their presence on boards secret. Just in case the wife is watching? Who knows, that skinny girl nosey y'all!

BBWChan Brings It Big Style

It's nice that the BBW Chan site allows users to control the look of the homepage,  you can change the background color to suit your taste. I like my porn content, especially images set against a dark background as I think it makes the pictures pop more.

In the top left corner of the BBW Chan homepage, you will find the main sections laid out in tabs like; Boards, Overboard, Help, and Watched Threads.

Big Boards For Big Tits And Asses

If you visit this BBW Chan site you are looking for where the quality content is, so head to the 'Boards' section for the BBW real action. Here you will find all of your favorites, with results such as; Booty: Hindquarters, buttocks, and cheeks. Tits: Hangers, bosoms, and knockers. Bbw real: Thick, curvy, plump - In the flesh, no cartoons or morphs. You get the idea, the BBW Chan list is quite comprehensive so there is a 'big' bit of something for everyone.

There is a BBW Chan Help tab, too, and you might need some at this point! Sucked dry of your own vital juices. In essence, it's actually more of a FAQ page, such as; How do I register an account to post? So if you have any technical questions this is the place to ask them.

You can also find other sites like BBWChan directly from the BBW Chan's Overboard tab which takes you to a board where you will find images, GIFs, and posts of BBW chicks posted by anonymous people. There's literally a ton of fat girls here so if you're looking for big booties secret style look no further.

Big Tits, Big Asses, and Big Booties 4chan-Style

BBW Chan is packed full of the big and beautiful kind of ladies who bump that user rating. We are talking about some plump and ripe, soft and sensual, fat-ass chicks whose booties create waves, big frothy waves, that you can ride with your longboard. Ride it!


These chicks are plain nasty, super-sized chicks doing super-sized dicks. In theory, the homepage just gives you a brief overview of the kind of boards available at BBW chan, in fact, the home page is just an entry point that allows you access to categories that include some of the more obscure porn and videos such as the weight gain image board. BBW Chan is hitting this ball out of the park...these chicks are fucking huge, that is all, woman, right there and more.

BBW, Baby!

When it comes to porn sites, BBW Chan is a little different. This is a BBW Chan user site, this means that all that filthy porn you find across the categories is submitted by users who visit the homepage. One of the cool things about this is that users share their own creations for other members of the community to enjoy while skimming their favorite things from other people's communal collections. Trust me when I say you will find images for the most obscure interests here, you will find anything you want in this area.

BBW Board: The Big Finish

To wrap up my BBW chan review, well, there are no words that can best describe the way people love this site. Whether you are a size freak or a game board geek there are things on this BBW site for all areas of interest. Anything goes, and this platform is definitely one of the best 4chan sites like it for BBW Girls content. It's the best in its field and just keeps on punching higher. All in all, if you're looking for big, beautiful women, this one delivers its weight in gold.

BBW Likes

  • Fuck all ads, which is a real bonus.
  • No membership required to post and share images and video on-site board.
  • Nice design and layout, similar to the 4chan site.
  • Easy to find the ladies and tits you want, and there is a lot to go around.

BBW Hates

  • Although the image bank is stocked well, the lack of videos on the site sucks.
  • There are quite a few rules that you must follow when uploading content.
  • Although the BBW chan community is committed, they are not very active. There are very few posts and if like me you like to geek out, this board doesn't offer much in the way of interaction. It seems it's a case of "you show me yours and I'll show you mine."
  • Although the ads aren't too bad, the meme intrusions can become way too much very quickly.
  • I like the features of the site, it makes it user-friendly, but if you just steal it from 4chan, make some fucking improvements.

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