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Welcome to AZNude! We have a large, free, every day growing universe of celebrity nudity where stars from all movies and series shine.

Honestly, I have already encountered quite a number of celebrity porn sites that are in blog format and will just redirect you to another site for the actual content. AZ Nude isn't one of those. It's a straight-up site that has its own content on its own website. Aside from the celebrity porn collection it has, there are also other things that make this porn site stand out in its category or niche and we're going to talk about all that in this review.

AZ Nude Site Layout And Design

One of the things that I like about AZNude is its design. It does look cinematic in a way how they combined the black and yellow colors and other elements. The search box is at the top of the homepage beside the Categories button and the Browse button which both reveal an extra line with some options related to them. The sign-in and free signup buttons are just beside those as well. In a way, AZNude really knows how to maximize the screen with useful stuff and I seriously commend its creator for that. There are other useful navigation links right below those buttons. You can choose to browse content based on their types such as Images, Celebs, Movies, Videos, Tags, Playlists, Stories, and Porn. The site also allows users to search their collection alphabetically from numbers then A to Z using the letters and the # sign on the row below the Browse lane. In my opinion, that feature though is better used when browsing celeb names. Searching for movies using the feature is okay as well but actually quite a bit confusing. It's also available for stories but definitely not recommended because the titles don't follow a consistent format.

The biggest banner they have right now displayed on the homepage features the Top 100 Videos of 2020. Underneath it though is a way cooler section. This section displays a video player of the hottest videos of the day and the previous day. It goes on an auto-play and they're all hot. It actually makes you somehow wonder if this site actually gives free access to its entire collection because we usually get this feature only on premium porn sites. Below that feature is another awesome section that displays thumbnails of the Trending Videos. Most of them are related to Hollywood celebrities like clips from movies with naked celebrities or some sex scenes, sex tapes, and there are also some porn clips featuring popular pornstars. The thumbnails have a good size and they have information that actually matters such as the names of the featured celebrities, the movie or video titles the clips are from, the video length, and the number of views.

This porn site gets even cooler when you go to their video player pages. When you play then pause the clip, you'll see suggestions featuring the celebrity you're watching. There are even more of those when you scroll down. It just gives us an idea of how awesome their tagging system is. Way below those thumbnails, you'll also find videos from the same movie or TV show where that scene is from. There's more to that. If you scroll way past those, you'll see recommended celebrities who also appeared on the same movie or show, and then the most searched terms and celebrities.

Celebrity Nudity Videos And More

The quality of the videos probably depends on the source but on the settings tool, you can only find 3 choices there which are 360p, 480p, and 720p. The videos automatically play at 720p. I think watching these videos with the highest resolution of 720p isn't such a big deal because they all end before you fap unless you watch them in a loop which you'll have to do manually though because there's no auto-loop feature here. I guess you won't even be using a fullscreen here either but you get that feature here. But, when it comes to the more essential quality for a site such as AZNude, the greatness of the sex scenes matters a hell of a lot more. There's no such thing as a waste of server data here. Everything here is edible despite the fact that they're just bite-sized pieces. You get Alexandra Daddario's huge breasts and fine bush scene, Kim Kardashian's leaked sex tape in 5 minutes, Jennifer Lawrence stripping off her underwear, and thousands of more clips of the hottest porn scenes from Hollywood.

Tons Of Celebrities

You can check out the list of celebrities on AZNude but I personally don't recommend it because aside from Hollywood celebrities, you'll also find celebs from other parts of the world including Asian actresses, English, Italians, Russians, Germans, Africans, etc. There are celebrity photos on their list so the list itself is worth checking and it's cool if you have plenty of time to browse and probably get to know more celebs. Although, if there's already a celebrity in your mind who you want to see here, using a celebrity name on the search box works perfectly and much better.

Final Thoughts On

I honestly think that even porn fans who aren't into celebrities and famous people would like AZNude as well. However, if you're going to ask me if you should signup that registration form, I'd say that if you don't care about making your own profile here, you don't have to remember a password for that. If you want to talk about hot scenes here, you can share the link with your real-life friends on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. Heck, you can even download your favorite scenes even as a guest. Signing up here won't even spare you from the ads here as well. If you don't want to see those ads, just get a free adblocker extension for your browser.

AZNude works best on a computer though and it's a waste if you use it on a mobile phone because you won't be able to enjoy its awesome features like you will on a big screen layout and that is actually the greatest point about this site that drives more sense into using this than any other celebrity porn website.


  • awesome site design and layout
  • very useful navigation features and a great tagging system
  • free access to hundreds of thousands of celebrity clips and pics


  • almost all of the clips are really short
  • distracting banner ads

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