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AVGle Free Asian Porn Tube Site Review

It's not just another free JAV porn tube site and it's not JAVgle or AVgel. It's like a combination of AV (or Adult Video) and Google. Well, it's so far from being like Google for porn mainly because it is a porn tube site, not a search engine or even an aggregator. We can't set our hopes too high on this site because we all know up to how much content a free tube site can host. However, it doesn't change the fact that you can watch Japanese porn videos here for free and see other hot amateur Asians filming their own sexual encounters.

If I may say, I thought that the site may have been renewed from scratch since it seems that it should have features that still don't exist, So, I did a bit of research into this website and found out that it was created in 2016. Well, it might have been created and started but never got the attention it really needs so now it seems like it's just a website for everyone to keep their virtual shit. They're the good kind though. Anyway, let's get a deeper review on AVgle.com and see what kind of experience we can get here.

AVgle Design And Navigation

Like I have mentioned earlier this website kind of looks abandoned and that's somehow because of the lacking design. It looks way too simple and bare. There's a menu bar across the top where you can find some navigation links and access the search bar you won't really need because the results it gives are a hell of a mess just like the tagging system itself. It's a clear sign that anyone can upload their favorite videos here and there are no moderators here to keep the content neat. The thumbnails are divided into sections. The top section displays Videos Being Watched which is followed by a section of search tags. Next is the Featured Videos section and then Hot Videos, page numbers, more tags, and then Recommended Videos, Most Recent Videos, and another set of page numbers before the footer. If not for the numbers on the thumbnails, the content of AVgle may look just more like a random mess.

Each thumbnail shows the video length, a title (not standardized), when the file was uploaded, the total number of views, and the average user rating. Videos with high quality have an HD indicator. Those are videos that are available in 720p or higher. When it comes to more than just the video quality of the content here, I can say that the quality of the videos here is worth getting annoyed by different kinds of ads such as moving banner ads, popup ads, ads that open in new windows, and ads on top of the video player. Well, those creepers aside, I mean they don't matter much as long as you have an adblocker, there are tons of videos here that are full-length movies. When it comes to Japanese AV, we know that some porn movies can be as long as the Lord Of The Rings or Star Wars. I have no idea though who can fap after that long but those things really exist and you can treat yourself to some on AVgle on a medium-sized screen.

Free VR Porn

AVgle is pretty reliable when it comes to VR AVs. Out of everything that it has including the site features, I guess their VR department is the one that sets them apart from other Japanese porn sites. Although, looking for the clips that are most compatible with your headset is still challenging because you can't change their playback settings. Well, they're still good though because these materials were really produced for this tech. I hope you can enjoy them.

All Categories

There are very few categories on AVgle and they're seriously too few compared to the actual selections they have. Their list has Pornstars, JAV, Uncensored, Teen, Amateur, Anal, Big Tits, Cosplay, Schoolgirl, Wife, Mature, SM, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Asian, Western, 3D, VR 360, Idol, 18+ Movie, and Anime. There aren't cartoons here but there are thousands of Hentai clips in different styles. There are a couple of Western clips too but they're not among the best. Just don't believe every single category you'll find here though because some of the uploaders are just too lazy to add the right tags to their uploads and some of them won't even give their uploads a proper name. The majority of the AVgle collection though is Japanese and I guess you just have to go around blindly as to how you like your girls and what you want them doing on sex.

Last Words On AVgle

Do I recommend AVgle to JAV fans? It is too far from deserving to call itself Google-like because first of all, making searches here is already difficult. The tagging system seems to be a neglected aspect here too. You can't even find a lot of videos here with names of popular pornstars. In other porn sites, the names of the girls are considered very important tags because those porn sites actually know that most men look for porn featuring their favorite girls and not just random scenes. It goes without saying that AVgle seems to not realize that every single girl is an icon herself. Sites can skip on all other navigation features except for this one and every user's experience will still go on like a steady boat. If not for the quality of the content on AVgle, I would give it a profile score of 2 out of 5.


  • thousands of full-length Japanese porn movies free for streaming
  • free VR porn materials that aren't just previews


  • overflowing with ads everywhere
  • ugly layout and lazy tagging system makes looking for different types of porn difficult

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