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There's nothing much to say about this website yet it has a staggering 4.85 million site visitors and it's an amazing feat for a free porn site. Does that mean that there are a lot of ass-lovers out there? I'm honestly pretty much overwhelmed by this number despite the fact that this porn site focuses only on anal content and that is a really specific niche actually. However, the content of this site may still fit into several categories since there are various developments in the stories or in the content of every video here.

The production of the videos seems to have a huge timeline range as well and even the women here come in different shapes and sizes. That means that they can cater not just to your ass-fetish, but also to give you choices of sluts to choose from. Still, I can't quite wrap my head around the reason why this ass porn site gets a lot of fans. Anyway, maybe you can point it out as I walk you through the site and its content. All-Ass Videos and Site Layout

Like I have said earlier, there isn't much to say about this website but there's a lot to comment about it. I have also said earlier that this porn site focuses solely on the ass. Literally. But, the videos are not all about the ass and the asshole. All of the videos on this site have anal action. Of course, you'll still see other scenes here and a lot of videos here actually have some roleplay or incorporates other fantasies like gangbang, outdoor, forced, and fantasy stories. There also other butt scenarios here like ass-licking and twerking.

Since the videos that you can find here are from other porn sites, the quality of the videos is different. Some are good and some look old and those that are POV look like amateur shots. There are a few movies here but they look old. They have a good plot though.

I have also noticed that the videos are somehow well-picked in a way that you won't find gross asses here and nothing too simple. Everything is erotic and has something going on. I mean, if you're going to see some cheap fanny clip with no hints on what's going on except for that asshole getting rammed, why not just settle for an endless looping GIF?

What I don't appreciate is that this site seems like it is completely, utterly, lazily made. It gives the impression that whoever made this porn site decided he wants to compile tush videos from other porn sites and just stash them on one website. You'll know what I mean as soon as you land on The homepage itself as the website's facade already spells POOR QUALITY. The background is just a default white with no navbar or tools to filter your searches, and I mean there's no other way to go through all the videos here by scrolling the main page, then go to the next page and another one. Worse, it doesn't even have categories. I mean, dude, aside from being a niche on itself, you can still categorize the videos here either by the porn action or by the video quality. The dude who made this porn website added links to other sites but did not bother giving categories for the videos here to give the users only the results they want from this website.

Worse, aside from the fact that this porn website obviously completely lacks navigation options, the preview gallery does not even have titles. Even when you hover your mouse across your screen on top of those thumbnails, you'll just see the link name. Some were luckily named with a short description while others get a name like "Video.MOV". You know that to land on a good page, you'll have to pull some luck as much as the actual links here need it. Also, while I was browsing their collection, I have noticed that there are quite a number of images that are disgusting for me like a scat-coated dick that seems to be pulling in and out from a dirty hole. If there are other visitors like me, they'll most probably lose their interest as well.

Are there parts of this site that can redeem its looks and user-friendliness? I don't think so. On the bright side, there aren't many videos on this porn website so scrolling and moving to other pages isn't that tiresome. You can also explore and probably discover more specific fetishes along the way.

Final Thoughts

Probably because they have realized that the layout of their website is already too poor, they didn't make it any worse by adding ads. Yay! You can go route yourself to other sites for free and just worry about the advertisements there but not here. I have to say though that despite its looks, quite gives some justice to derrière lovers, and although the web developer seems to lack passion in web design, he is passionate about backsides and how to glorify it. Another thing I have noticed is that this website is really good for those butt-worshippers because there are a lot of plots or themes here which can give viewers ideas on how to enjoy asses more in different styles, positions, and roleplay that involve those glorious parts.

All things considered, this website may not be the best among the best porn sites but when it comes to niche-picking, it actually fares well. However, it's obvious that Ass 4 All can still improve a lot when it comes to making it a lot more user-friendly by changing the background from plain white (totally not ideal for watching xxx) to even just black. Maybe they can add even add decent titles or short descriptions to their thumbnail gallery - if it's not too hard. Just a little more effort and I guess this website can't really be that bad.

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