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Anime id hentai is a hentai-based porn website that is known for it's high quality HD hentai videos, a relatively ads-free experience, and remarkable streaming services.

It specializes in free hentai video content. They also have a very refined search function, and have a couple additional key features that sets it apart from other hentai sites like animeidhentai, which I will cover subsequently.

Hentai Porn Sites

Type of Content

As the name would suggest, hentai porn sites focus on hentai, which is a category of porn that focuses on anime and manga-related content. This content can come in many forms - namely, hentai videos, hentai series, sex games, and basically anything else you can imagine.

One major perk of hentai is that there are almost no restrictions on the type of material available. Since there are no real life actors, and everything is purely fictional, there is no limit to the high quality depravity depicted. Tentacle porn? Rape kinks? Demon double penetration?

Truly, the limits are only the imagination when it comes to hentai!

Raw vs Subbed

One thing that is important to keep in mind is that most of this content is produced in Japan. Because of this, most of the high quality content on hentai sites is in either the "RAW" or "subbed" categories.

The RAW versions of the videos will all have Japanese dialogue, with no accompanying subtitles. So if you are in it just for the visuals, or you speak fluent Japanese, this is not a problem. For most of us though, this form is not ideal.

Which is why there is another category for us Western folk - Subbed! All the videos will be subbed, meaning they will have English (and other languages) subtitles, so everyone around the world can enjoy the freaky stuff the Japanese pump out.

AnimeIDhentai com

Censored Hentai

Animeidhentai has two types of content - Censored and Uncensored. Censored content will have all the good bits fuzzed out and pixelated. For obvious reasons, this is generally deemed less desirable, unless you are the type that likes to leave a lot to the imagination. Usually, censored is widely and freely available, while uncensored content you will need to fork over some cash for.

Uncensored Hentai

Luckily, animeidhentai com has a ton of quality uncensored videos on their site. This means you get the good bits - everything. The pussy hairs all in high quality video episode format. Truly something the people want!

Download Button

Every video episode on the animeidhentai site comes with a download feature at the bottom of the video player. So you can download all your favorites directly from the site to your devices. Download speeds are quick, and then you can have access to all your favorite episodes in one place.

Animeidhentai has a twitter account as well, so if you ever have any issues with downloading a specific video, or access to certain pages on their website, contact them directly, and they can help resolve your issue.

N Hentai App

In addition, animeidhentai features their own download application- N Hentai. So if you want to download episodes directly from the site to your smartphone, or tablet, you have this capability. The design of NHentai is simple and efficient. You can even arrange episodes into one large playlist to view in your video player.

Sites like animeidhentai

Sister Porn Sites

Animeidhentai is an awesome site, but if you are looking for similar porn websites, they actually have a few sister sites., Hentaihaven, and Pornoflix.

So if you love anime id hentai, be sure to check out their sister site for even more content.

Other Porn Sites

There are also a couple other porn websites that are similar to animeidhentai. An incomplete list of some of the best hentai sites on the web that are similar to animeidhentai are as follows:

  • E-Hentai
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  • Hentai-Porn-Tube

HD Videos

Content Tags

One feature I really loved about animeidhentai com was the content tags - a really nice design feature. Each video found on the site comes with content tags. This way you can sift quickly through an entire page and identify if videos are censored or uncensored, or some of the videos fall under categories you like. One thing they could improve here, though, would be to allow you to search specific content tags.


Streaming on this site is impeccable. You aren't presented with a hundred different mirror links to get access to a single video - there is a single link, and you can stream your 1080p videos seamlessly. Using this method, I have gotten streaming speeds upwards of 3Mb/second.

High Quality

Full Series

This website, unlike most other sites, has full series available. Most sites have a random assortment of videos on their page, with no concern for continuity. There is a better way, and animeidhenati has figured it out. Focus on series!

Banner Ads

A pro and a con in this one. Animeidhentai is fortunate to have very few ads, so your video player and page isn't constantly cluttered with pop-ups; however, the few ads they do have come in the form of banner ads! When viewed in the desktop version, this site has few issues, but when viewed through mobile the ads can have a way of taking over everything.

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