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Ancensored Celebrities Fappening Site Review

Although it looks like it was used only until the last decade, Ancensored is like a dirty old man kicking. It looks old but inside it's like an 18-year-old boy celebrating his first step into adulthood getting all worked up by those celebrity nudes and scandals. While it obviously looks like it has been made decades ago, Ancensored is still standing strong with more than 10 million site visitors and defending its rank within the list of Top 200 sites for adults. Well, those numbers made me grow really curious about this site and I have decided to review Ancensored. So, without further ado, let me share with you what I have observed on this celebrity niche porn site.

Ancensored Site Features

I really want to say that how deeply bothered I am with the site's design, colors, and logo that glows "Retro" starting from the front page header to the footer. Even its logo looks more like an avatar with the way it looks perfectly resembling how the entire site looks. I have to say, it's not a good idea especially if you're dealing with a celebrity niche. People might get the feeling that there's nothing new with the celebrity porn news here and the celebrity leaks have finally reached the end of the sewage. While most celebrity porn sites like Ancensored keep on updating to look more modern up to the point that they look newer than mainstream news sites, Ancensored seems to be like an old man sleeping in the afternoon sun letting the young ones deal with the trend.

I gotta give you a heads-up on the content on Ancensored - don't trust the features you'll find on the main page. I have no idea when they last updated their featured stash but my guess is probably in the early 2000s and you'll probably agree with me when you see their list of Today's Featured and Popular Celebrities. It's either that they live in another dimension of standards, or they have a different rating algorithm. Anyway, despite the list of featured celebs, they might not have the biggest collection of western celebrities and other popular celebrities from other countries in the world, Ancensored is still a shameless paparazzi with a lot of famous hotties, TV hosts, actresses, and singers on file. Don't worry because they have current stars here, too.

Ancensored Charts

As I have said earlier, you can't trust their charts. Among these charts, you can only slightly rely on the World charts which at least categorizes celebrities to the countries they're from. You'll find not only Hollywood celebrities here but you'll also find some Mideast celebrities, Asian celebrities, Hispanic celebrities, and celebrities popular in the UK.

Let's talk about other charts here. For the Top 100 Nude Celebrities, it seems that they're not ranked based on their hotness level but based on who has the most searches recently, and that does not necessarily mean that people were looking for their nude photos and sex tapes. Sometimes it's because something happened to a celebrity, and that's not only because of a scandal. There's also the Top 100 Movies Today which I cannot fathom how the heck they rank them. I thought if it's possible that there are more comments on one movie than the others, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Anyway, there are quite a lot of movies I haven't heard of and most are not mainstream Hollywood films. It's good if you are interested in checking out films and pushing your luck hoping you'll find a new movie you'd absolutely love to brag to your close friends.

While most of the movies have sex scenes, others are not movies at all. Some of them are just celebrity leaks. Honestly, I haven't even seen some of those girls in the scandals. Have they started being celebrities since they became popular because of those leaks? Aside from that chart, other charts seem to have their content pretty much sorted out like the Top 100 TV shows and Top 100 videos.

These celebrities, movies, TV shows, and video charts show most of the celebrity content on Ancensored. However, there aren't actual movies, TV shows, and videos that you can download directly from this website. It's not like your best porn sites that have both reviews and the actual content. Here, the most you can get is a TV show link and stream celebrity clips.

Hollywood Celebrities Database

Warning: there's great nudity among the photos and clips on this celebrity porn site. There are a lot of nude scenes in the clips posted here and a lot of other nudes. While the quality of the photos here isn't high, it's comparably better than other premium cable titties for celebrity porn.

The best thing about this site is that despite the fact that it looks outdated, its content includes the latest pics of hot celebrities including the real young ones, plus the fact that there are even international celebrities on its database shows that there really is a large number of celebrities listed on this site. That also means that there are thousands of sex scenes, pictures, and videos in the galleries.

There are also useful categories you can find on the Celebrities page. You can browse celebrities according to their talents. There are singers, actresses, models, and athletes. There are also categories related to their appearances like skinny, black, brunette, and age groups. Although I wish there are sections for celebrities with large breasts and those who like showing their cleavage in front of the camera to those who post nude pictures on social media.

Movies and TV Shows

While the actual porn material can be found on other porn sites, you can get suggestions, updates, and a review of movies and TV shows filled with nudity here like Game of Thrones. In fact, what's good about this site that really counts as one of the porn sites that provide actual porn content is that you can find galleries of photos and videos from scenes filled to the brim with nudity. Browsing the profile of the mother of dragons literally made me stroke and rub my little dragon, aka cock. It also shows a bit of info about the celebrity on the role which is separate from her actual profile.

While there are many things about Ancensored that won't get likes from users - mainly the site design, this celebrity porn site is still cool despite what one probably expected upon landing here.

Community On Ancensored

The community on Ancensored is actually the foundation of this site. While it seems that the users don't interact that much, I found out that they are the key to the survival of this site. The free content here is all thanks to the users.

Let's Review Ancensored Blog

It is the tell-tale sign that this site has been abandoned. The last post was in 2015. Period.

My Thoughts About Ancensored


  • Free access to the whole content filled with nudity of celebrities
  • Lets you search the content using different kinds of keywords like names of celebrities, movie titles, and a movie or TV show's characters


  • A bunch of fucking ads that look like featured blog articles
  • The search box doesn't give results from keywords using appearances

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