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I'd like to say that AerisDies is a hentai imageboard but this site has a huge manga collection. I guess I'm not the only one thinking that way because this website still doesn't have that many fans. It's kind of underrated, to be honest. AerisDies seems to be a site that becomes more effective as there are more active users. It's just my observation because I get the feeling that this porn site for sexy animes in Doujins was created for people to exploit, but of course, while following what's legal. There are rules in the use of AerisDies which can be found on its Terms Of Service but those are all reasonable.

Anyway, if you're looking for different types of anime porn images and some cartoons, AerisDies is an awesome platform for a hobbyist like you. The title of the site already sounds too geeky so you can expect that the mind behind this site knows what it is doing. In case you're wondering what the name means, it's actually paying homage to Aerith's sacrificial death from Final Fantasy VII. Aerith is also Aeris and also Earisu if romanized in Japanese. It's interesting though that Tifa has the biggest erotic content on this site. There is a lot more content here from anime series, cartoons, and popular games in their NSFW versions. I'm saying, if you enjoy looking at this type of content, AerisDies won't fail you. Let's just now check out how good this site is overall in this review.

Getting Around AerisDies

Here's the thing, it has a plain pink background and a layout that you often see in porn chan sites. Who wouldn't get the impression that this is just another imageboard porn site? The menu bar or the navbar is fixed at a narrow space at the top of the website. The font is really basic and so are the other elements. The search box is also there and it's actually good at helping people find the images and even comics they're looking for. The query uses both title and tags but mostly tags. I tried to find one of my favorite ecchi characters in a porn scene so I just typed "Boa Hancock". I found a gallery that contains all 273 images featuring "Pirate Empress Boa Hancock" and 2 Doujinshi mangas featuring her. Seriously, I'm impressed how just one feature can make things so easy and it saved me lots of time and effort. It's good to know that the tagging system and the tool for that work. The homepage displays 4 sections and they're neatly arranged as well. There are updates on the left, main categories at the center, and new Doujins or parodies on the right. You'll also find Site News just below the main categories. The Site News section contains updated collections on AerisDies. Once you've become a regular, it'll become a reliable section for you.

Static Vs Dynamic On AerisDies

This actually got me. I honestly thought that Static and Dynamic were categories for the type of porn images I can find on AerisDies. I thought it meant stills and GIFs. I was wrong. There are stills and GIFs on this website but those two are not for them. Those are used to call the two sides of AerisDies. The Static side is more manual and traditional than its Dynamic counterpart. Does that sound interesting? Well, it just sounds like it but it really isn't anything special. The only differences between them are that the Static side's background is in pink and there's no slideshow feature while the Dynamic side's background is white and there's a slideshow button. If watching different anime or cartoon porn images flash before your eyes will satisfy you, I guess this feature might be significant for you.


Here's a specialty of AerisDies - lots of Doujinshi comics and drawings. It's not just the anime characters who get a huge amount of porn versions but also cartoons and popular game characters. The Avatar Korra, Marge Simpson, Princess Peach, and even the famous pinup girl Betty Boop goes all out naughty and naked here on this website. If you want to look for the entire Doujinshi collection on AerisDies, you can go to Doujins and you'll find sections for Popular Doujins, English Doujins, New Doujins, and Non-English Doujins. If you're looking for suggestions, you can go to the Top Doujins page. I'm not sure how the suggestions are sorted automatically but you can still get them sorted yourself. The sort options are Top by Hits, Top by Rating, and Newest Doujins. You will only see more information about the porn material when you start viewing the actual material. For images, you'll see them when you're looking at the image itself and not the thumbnail. For comics, once you landed on a page. You'll see info under stats such as the rating, votes, image ID, hits, upload date, and the name of the uploader. Although I get how they get the number of hits because it just basically tells how many times the porn material has been viewed, I'm not sure about the rating. I registered on the site but every time I log in, I also get logged out when adding my vote.


Aside from the Doujinshis which is basically what the entire site is almost all about, there's a ton of categories here or subcategories. They're called Sub-Albums. I think it's just appropriate because some of them are way too specific. They don't just use traditional categories although they do have them. Some of the common ones you can find here are Animals, Monsters, Uncensored, Futanari, Hentai, Ecchi, Furry, Cartoons, Yaoi, Yuri, and more. Of course, there's also the album for Tentacles. They also have the opposite of furries which is Humans with Animal Characteristics. Now, I'll give you a couple of examples of how specific they can get, and let's have the common favorites of geeks. For Final Fantasy, there are separate albums for Tifa Lockhart, Yuffie Kisaragi, and of course, Aeris Gainsborough. Pokemon seems to be a bigger hit though. There's an album for Pokemon with over 23,000 free images. There's also an album for Pokemorphs and albums for characters like Jesse, Misty, May, Hikari, and of course, Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny.

Community Chat

Let's discuss the remaining features real quick. The Chat section on this site isn't a real chat feature. It's just a shortcut that displays all comments posted on AerisDies. I have to say though, the posted comments are amusing.

Aeris Lives Forum is supposedly a forum site. Unfortunately, it's not working. AerisDies and AerisLives are two different porn sites that are supposedly from one creator. It's just that currently, only one of those sites is alive.

Is Aeris Dead Or Alive?

AerisDies is surely not dead. If I had more bucks to spare, I would have definitely supported them more than any other sites that host free drawn porn images. The ads here are calm and they don't pop up anywhere. They're just well-behaved. AerisDies has a lot in store for fans of imaginary characters so it's definitely worth the visit. A huge bonus on why you should visit is the fact that they always keep their collection updated the whole time. In short, I'll rate AerisDies as one of the best porn sites hosting animated porn images.

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