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AdultEmpire Adult VOD Site Review

If you were someone born in the '90s or even before that, Adult Empire might bring some nostalgic memories to you of how DVDs were sold or rented in the past. Actually, AdultEmpire gives off a vibe that it is kind of like Amazon for porn consumers. The homepage has featured content, an exclusive discount offer, and sections that attract potential customers to this shop. Just like your favorite online shopping websites, AdultEmpire even has prices posted on the thumbnail posters of movie titles.

Aside from how Adult Empire looks on the surface, there are a lot of other things this site can offer aside from how adults can purchase DVDs directly from this porn site. So, without further ado, here's my review on AdultEmpire.

Adult Empire On-Demand Categories

AdultEmpire doesn't have its own porn production studio but it somehow gets and sells its content from other porn networks which result in tons of porn movies in a year. These porn movies are available mostly as on-demand videos or VOD. Actually, only a portion of the AdultEmpire Library is in the form of DVDs. Of course, with such a huge production rate, AdultEmpire fans can access a massive selection of porn content as fanservice from Adult Empire itself.

As such, when you go to Porn Video Categories, you might be overwhelmed by the hundreds of categories you can choose from. What's more impressive is that you can find few categories with only 1 or 2 titles under them, but there's none with 0. To me, it seems that the Adult Empire site gives its users plenty of options to browse their library.

The normal categories on AdultEmpire include gay, interracial, creampie, and softcore. They also have their own categories like Award Winners by year, Special Edition, and VOD exclusive.

However, I started not to trust the way Adult Empire categorizes its content because the Vintage category shows that there are only 648 videos tagged as Vintage when it's obvious that there seem to be more movies that are at least 20 years old now.

In short, if you like vintage porn, you'll get what your bucks are worth on AdultEmpire. But, if you like contemporary porn like me, there are other options or porn sites on the internet.

Honestly, I had high expectations in AdultEmpire seeing those categories and menu bar, but then again the world wide web is indeed wide and for me, the Adult Empire website is not among the best porn sites. Nothing to be too sad about.

DVD Rental

Putting it simply, AdultEmpire is a website selling pornographic DVDs. Porn collectors can purchase them directly from Adult Empire and have them shipped locally in the US or internationally via UPS. Yep, when you say DVD, you get an actual DVD copy.

While you can buy DVDs from Adult Empire as a guest, you need a membership to be able to rent them. Renting DVDs ala carte may seem to have really low prices and you won't need to pay a membership fee, but if you think about it, the total price of renting just one or two DVDs plus the shipping fee isn't actually reasonable. So, if you're considering going traditional watching a DVD, I guess you'd better be off with the subscription deal. However, that's only if you appreciate watching old porn.

Pornstars Database

If I have to choose one good feature of Adult Empire, then we're gonna be talking about this page. Under the Pornstars menu, there's a dropdown list that features categories of their pornstars' file. You can also go directly to the Pornstars page and find featured pornstars, the most popular pornstars, AdultEmpire blog, Newbies, and Galleries. While the main page of the pornstars' database only shows women, you can also find categories for male and trans pornstars on the list from the menu.

Adult Empire lets you browse their galleries of screenshots of hot scenes from their movies featuring the pornstar on the profile you click on and lets you access more information about these pornstars for free and without registration.

The information found on the pornstar's profile includes a review of the babe in question, the current number of movies she's in, and her vital stats of course. You can also find reviews from people streaming her videos on Adult Empire as well on a different tab.

Here's the best free feature on Adult Empire - hundreds of photos of HD quality screenshots from the hottest scenes even guests can access on the pornstar's profile. Honestly, I would really prefer using Adult Empire for this free feature and just forget its main purpose.

AdultEmpire Unlimited

With an AdultEmpire Unlimited membership, you can stream porn on your TV via Roku by getting access to private Roku channels. The AdultEmpire Unlimited will also give you access to more than 100K movies and 420K scenes.

I guess this is the part where I should be warning you that this may cause porn addiction. Surely, the audio and video quality of the movies here are great, but I'm not claiming that it is the same for the content. However, it may cause addiction if you have actually purchased or paid for this membership option.

I'm not really against porn made in the previous decades and there are a lot of interesting titles you can find on the Adult Empire Library, but what I'm saying is that everyone knows how big the porn industry is and there are a lot of other premium porn sites out there so if you have decided to go for this one out of all the other options you have, then you might be inclined to make the most out of your decision.

Free & Original Content

I'll get straight to the point. Yet again, I expected more from this content but ended up a tad bit disappointed. I can't really describe what this is about but you can try to browse the clips here and you won't find clips more than 2 minutes long. These clips are more like interviews on how a performer thinks about her latest porn scene, reviews, or a video article. The most pornographic content you'll find is the Porn in 60 Seconds feat which is more like ads than teasers of the original porn movie.

Sex Toy Store

Adult Empire also sells sex toys. You can purchase sex toys and have your orders shipped along with the DVDs you'll buy or rent. Just don't expect that there's a Sex Toys Rental as well. Hygiene, dude. The sex toys shop is also quite organized and there's even an option to go directly to the clearance sale bin. There are sex toys for both men and women here so you and your partner can fap to that newly-purchased movie along with your sex toys for foreplay. It is an interesting match-up for sales actually. Thumbs up for the sales department of Adult Empire.

Other Porn Sites From The Empire

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Final Verdict On AdultEmpire

Adult Empire can't really be categorized as another premium porn site even though it offers a paid account or membership that will let you watch porn movies directly on their site.


- site navigation is very easy

- thousands of free HD photos

- delivery is available in almost any location worldwide


- there are more vintage or really old porn videos included in their library than new ones

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