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9hentai is a free hentai manga and doujinshi reader online. This website is mobile compatible and works to everthing.

9Hentai.Ru: The review

9 hentai.ru is another manga site. Porn manga to be exact. I know what you are thinking. well, what makes this any different from the usual porn manga sites we encounter? We are here to find out together.

9 hentai.ru at first seems to be a site made great because of the layout. Your assumptions aren't wrong, to some degree. The data on this site has a ton of range. Like there are about 4000+ pages, and the way they do the pages s through something called a "page jump". It is basically where, instead of clicking on a specific page you would only need to scroll, and it will instantly activate the page jump. This x y z page is also categorized into a ton of categories. You have viewed by title jump page, the popular rightnow, most fapped, save newest popular rightnow and the tag save newest popular.

Now that is a ton of categories, and all of it can lead you to jump page 1 to search tag save newest, all the fapped most viewed porn manga you could ever imagine. There are also options for advance settings. This is the complete opposite of wrong because you can access data of range pretty quickly now. Instead of a jump page 1, you'd instantly be led to the category you pick. If that isn't some advance settings, to you then I do not know what is.

For the final verdict, well we all know that the page range 0 2000 included tags are a sure win for us. The settings advance like tags search tag save, excluded tags search tag and the results no more data (which is surely rare on this site). This is one of the best sites I have seen for hentai manga, that has the settings advance/advance settings as "settings page range 0" or "advance setting page range". I believe because of the results no more data. You can keep the retry going, as long as you retry on this site. A ton of content to choose from, so go ahead and check it.

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